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HPPE Cut Resistant

FlexTech™ Series are ideal for general assembly and applications in which cut resistance is required. The variety of palm coating materials that we use include: nitrile, latex, polyurethane and foam nitrile. The overall palm coated advantage enhances gripping capabilities, while still providing excellent manual dexterity and resistance to punctures. FlextTech™ gloves are available with a HPPE or Kevlar® shell.

Wells Lamont GuardTec and GuardTec both offer economically sound hand protection, even greater protection than a standard fine gauge high performance fiber (aramid fiber or HPPE) based palm coated glove.

Both GuardTec and GuardTec feature patented GuardTec yarn technology, using high cut-resistance fiber that provides protection from lacerations and superior resistance against cuts. The dark shell color conceals dirt and grime and the knit wrist construction prevents dirt and debris fromentering the glove.

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